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  • The Good Lord Made It All

    The Good Lord Made It All

    John Carter

    Featuring the children's favorite "He's Got the Whole World", John Carter and Mary Kay Beall have created a charming 2-part anthem. Complete with optional flute part.  Companion products...

  • The Easter News

    The Easter News

    Russell Nagy

    Children's choirs will love this high-energy Easter anthem complete with contemporary rhythms and harmonies, quotations of the hymn, "Christ the Lord is Risen Today," a track accompaniment and, most...

  • Earth Is the Lord's, The

    Earth Is the Lord's, The

    Douglas Wagner

    Psalm 24 has been turned into a delightful anthem by composer and lyricist Douglas Wagner to create a 2-part children's selection perfect for Advent, Palm Sunday, Thanksgiving, or any other general...

  • Coventry Carol, The

    Coventry Carol, The

    Randolph Currie

    The beloved "Coventry Carol" has its roots in 16th-century England and is named for the city in which the famous Pageant Of the Shearman and Tailors tells the story of Herod's massacre of...

  • The Bible Tells Me So

    The Bible Tells Me So

    Suzanne Hunt Paterson

    This 2-part anthem is a delight selection for children's choir. The traditional tune has been reborn through syncopated rhythms and simple countermelody interplay crafted by Suzanne Hunt Paterson...

  • Sweet By-and-By

    Sweet By-and-By

    Douglas E Wagner

    This charming familiar melody is set for 2-part choir by Douglas Wagner. Appropriate for any general use. 

  • Sussex Carol - Unison, SAB or SA

    Sussex Carol - Unison, SAB or SA

    Philip Young

    Unison/SA/SAB - appropriate for Christmas.  Alternate handbell accompaniment (HB38) available. Companion products: Sussex Carol - handbell accompaniment

  • Song of Thanks

    Song of Thanks

    Russell Nagy

    Close your eyes and allow this evocative anthem to carry you through the wonder and beauty of nature, all of which confront us with the goodness and lovingkindness of God.  The rich imagery of...

  • Song of Joy

    Song of Joy

    Sue Farrar

    With quotes from HYMN TO JOY in the accompaniment, Sue Farrar has crafted a 2-part anthem for children's choir perfect for any worship service. 

  • Something


    John Ness Beck

    John Ness Beck has captured the essence of children's choir by combining a toe-tapping melody that any child will love to sing and paired it with the classic melody in JESUS LOVES ME. The piece...

  • Small But Mighty II

    Small But Mighty II

    Craig Courtney

    Nine anthems arranged for small choir.  Contains: Celtic Laud (Courtney); Come Flood This Heart of Mine (Lantz); Fairest Lord Jesus (Hakes); Give Me Jesus (Helvey); Lamb of God (Paris/Courtney);...

  • Small But Mighty

    Small But Mighty

    Craig Courtney

    Ten popular Beckenhorst Press anthems arranged for small choir by Craig Courtney.  Contains: Devotion (John Ness Beck); Every Valley (John Ness Beck); I Have Felt the Hand of God (Craig...

  • Sing to the Lord!

    Sing to the Lord!

    Deborah Govenor

    Once again, Deborah Govenor demonstrates her ability to write material suitable for youth and adult choirs.  Vocal demands are modest yet interesting through the use of canon and descant. ...

  • Sing to the Lord

    Sing to the Lord

    Michael Jothen

    A simplistic, yet delightful two part anthem by Michael Jothen for children's choir. Perfect for any joyous occassion.

  • Sing a Little Song

    Sing a Little Song

    Paul Whitaker

    This simple, charming melody is perfect for any general worship service for your children's choir or beginning 2-part ensemble. The basic rhythms and singable part-writing will be a hit with your...

  • Signs of Life

    Signs of Life

    Hank Beebe

    A creative metaphorical comparison between signs we see everyday and the signs Jesus gives us for our life. Complete with ideas for props and choreography, this piece will delight both children's...

  • Say a Little Prayer

    Say a Little Prayer

    Diane Lokensgard

    Diane Lokensgard has created a 2-part anthem that includes both an optional flute part and encourages the use of interpretive dance. A creative alternative for the typical choral anthem for...

  • Risen! Risen!

    Risen! Risen!

    Deborah Govenor

    Unison-2-Part, optional handbell/handchimes included in the octavo - A joyful song for Easter Day.

  • Rainbow Praise

    Rainbow Praise

    Lloyd Larson

     A spirited accompaniment forms the basis for a delightful 2-part children's anthem. 

  • Praise the Lord for Everything

    Praise the Lord for Everything

    Michael Jothen

    Michael Jothen has written an interesting and uplifting piece for unison choir (or advanced Children's choir). Included throughought are options for a second voice part as well as a flute...

  • Praise Him!

    Praise Him!

    Craig Courtney

    2-Part - We introduce you to Mr. Courtney’s anthem based on Psalms 145 and 150.   This number, which also contains a modal setting of the doxology text, can be done with any 2-part...

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