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  • One Bright Star

    One Bright Star

    Lloyd Larson

    A charming anthem of God's love at Christmas time.  You can use this selection with your youth choir, your adult choir or a combination of both.  You can also have your congregation join in...

  • Once in Royal David's City - orchestration

    Once in Royal David's City - orchestration

    Stephen Main

    Orchestrated by Stephen Main, full score and parts for flute I and 2, oboes I and II, B-flat clarinets I and II, bassoons I, and II, F horns I, II, III and IV, C trumpets I, II and III, trombones I,...

  • Once in Royal David's City - Helvey

    Once in Royal David's City - Helvey

    Howard Helvey

    Unison/2-part.  Based on the hymn tune IRBY.  Optional parts for 2 octave handbells (BP1486A), violin/C instrument (BP1486B) or complete orchestration (BP1486C) Companion products (digital...

  • O Worship the Lord

    O Worship the Lord

    Harry Causey

    Handel's well-known vocal selection has been arranged by Harry Causey into a challenging 2-part anthem for your beginning adult choir. This piece presents opportunities to teach melismatic singing,...

  • O Praise the Lord

    O Praise the Lord

    Lloyd Larson

    This jubilant anthem by Lloyd Larson is suitable for 2-part youth or adult choir/ Consider using this anthem as a teaching tool for developing techniques to sing in parts and partner song-styles...

  • My Shepherd Is Jehovah

    My Shepherd Is Jehovah

    Gilbert Martin

    This gentle Gilbert Martin anthem for 2-part choir makes use of text from Psalm 23 to create a lovely choral experience for your congregation and ensemble. Suitable for Good Shepherd Sunday or...

  • Love Will Be Born

    Love Will Be Born

    Lloyd Larson

    This 2-part Christmas anthem by Lloyd Larson combine simple harmonies and canonic part wrtiting to create a very accessible anthem for your children's choir choir or beginning adult choir. Perfect...

  • Lord, Here Am I - 2-Part

    Lord, Here Am I - 2-Part

    John Ness Beck

    Fannie Crosby, whose story as a blind hymnist has inspired composers worldwide, penned the text for this 2-part anthem. Never before has this particular text been set to music. It provides an...

  • Little Jewels

    Little Jewels

    Ruth Artman

    Ruth Artman has crafted a two-part/children's piece that is reminiscent of a tender lullaby. Suitable for baptism or general use. With optional handbells in the octavo. 

  • Let Light Shine

    Let Light Shine

    Hank Beebe

    Hank Beebe illuminates the creation story in this narrative anthem based on Matthew 5:16 and Genisis 1: 1-3

  • Let Ev'ry Heart Awake and Sing

    Let Ev'ry Heart Awake and Sing

    Patricia Hurlbutt

    Patricia Hurlbutt's Christmas anthem, while in 2-parts, can work well with any ensemble from beginning children's choir through adult choir. The conservative ranges and simple compositional...

  • Joshua (He Was a Man of God)

    Joshua (He Was a Man of God)

    Michael Jothen

    The familiar character from the book of Deuteronomy is highlighted in this spirited, rhythmic 2-part arrangement that is appropraite for both adult and children's choir. 

  • Jesus Loves Me

    Jesus Loves Me

    Ralph Manuel

    There is a quality of happiness and buoyancy in the melody that makes us feel a contentment and joy in our Savior's love.  The easy 2-part wiriting will make this appealing piece a favorite with...

  • Jesus Lives! Sing an Alleluia!

    Jesus Lives! Sing an Alleluia!

    Deborah Govenor

    This unison (optional 2-part) anthem is perfect for the Lenten season as a way to include your children's choir or beginning adult ensemble. 

  • Jesus Is Born, Prince of Peace

    Jesus Is Born, Prince of Peace

    Lloyd Larson

    A simple, beautiful melody that serves as a descant to the beloved carol, Silent Night.  optional congregational involvement, the addition of an instrumental obbligato (BP1504A), a creative,...

  • Jesus Is Born

    Jesus Is Born

    Lloyd Larson

    Lloyd Larson has given both the children's choir and the beginning adult choir the ability to flexibly combine any number and gender of voices to create an anthem appropriate for the Christmas season...

  • It Is a Good Thing

    It Is a Good Thing

    Douglas E. Wagner

    Douglas Wagner has provided with his Pslam text setting rhythmic variety, overlapping phrases and an energetic accompaniment. 2-Part, suitable for Thanksgiving and general worship. 

  • Isn't It a Wonderful Thing

    Isn't It a Wonderful Thing

    Douglas Wagner

    This whimsical 2-part anthem brings to mind the assurance of God's love for us. The playful rhythms and conservative ranges make it appropriate for either children's choir or beginning adult choirs...

  • I'm a Soldier of the Cross

    I'm a Soldier of the Cross

    John Carter

    This charming 2-part children's anthem aligns well with many classic stories from the Old Testament of Soldiers who followed and fought for Christ. Sure to be a delight among your congregation. 

  • I Know Where I'm Goin'

    I Know Where I'm Goin'

    J. Chris Moore

    Mr. Moore has written a 2-part anthem that offers flexibility between same or different gendered ensembles. The text, speaking of assurance and the promise of heaven, is appropriate for general use...

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