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  • Hosanna! Sing a Loud Hosanna!

    Hosanna! Sing a Loud Hosanna!

    Mark Hayes

    Mark Hayes playfully alternates duple and triple rhythm in the 6/8 meter of Hosanna  Sing a Loud Hosanna! to create an anthem that is purely infectious.  Easily learned vocal lines, a colorful text by G. Moultrie, constant interplay between...

  • What Wondrous Love!

    What Wondrous Love!

    Lloyd Larson

    What Wondrous Love! is an extended work that is comprised of four anthems, Love One Another, May They Be One, What Wondrous Love Is This? and Go to Dark Gethsemane, which may be sung separately or together.  Mr. Larson's addition of two obbligatto...

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