• Morning Song of Praise

    Morning Song of Praise

    Derek Hakes

     Arranged for 3-5 octave handbell choir.  Level 1.  Based on NICAEA and LAUDES DOMINI. This straightforward arrangement of two well-known hymn tunes provides beginning choirs with the chance to shine. With no techniques beyond LV and...

  • Scherzo No. 2

    Scherzo No. 2

    Michael Helman

     Written for 3-7 octave handbell choir and optional 3-5 octaves of handchimes.  Level 5+

  • The Stars and Stripes Forever

    The Stars and Stripes Forever

    William H. Griffin

    A perfect closer to any school or church concert, this patriotic favorite is arranged for 5-6 octave handbell choir and optional 4 octaves of handchimes.  Level 5. 

  • Legacy


    William A. Payn

    Written for 5 to 7 octave handbell choir with an optional A1, 5 to 7 octaves of handchimes and optional orchestral chimes.  Level 5.  Part of the Virtuoso Series by The Raleigh Ringers.  A harshly dissonant opening yields to a gentler...

  • Sonata in Baroque Style

    Sonata in Baroque Style

    Michael Helman

    3-6 octave handbell choir, optional 3-6 octaves of handchimes, level 5.  This masterwork from Michael Helman is a worthy challenge for any advanced group looking to showcase their skill and musicality.  Written as a three-movement work, the...

  • Waltz from Serenade for Strings

    Waltz from Serenade for Strings

    William H. Griffin

     Arranged for 5-7 octave handbell choir and 3-4 octaves of handchimes.  Level 5.  From the Serenade for Strings by Peter I. Tchaikovsky.

  • United - full score

    United - full score

    Jason W. Krug

    Full score for two handbell choirs, one for 3 to 6 octaves and is level 3- (Division I) and one for 3 to 5 octaves and is a level 2 (Division II).  Both choirs can be combined or played separately.  The recording is of the 3-6 octave version...

  • Do, Lord

    Do, Lord

    Bradley Morris

     Arranged for 5 octave handbell choir.  Level 5+.  Traditional spiritual.

  • Finale and Grand March from "Aida"

    Finale and Grand March from "Aida"

    William H. Griffin

     Arranged for 5-6 octave handbell choir.  Optional brass sextet and timpani parts are available.  Level 5.  Giuseppi Verdi. Companion products (printed copies): Finale and Grand March from "Aida" - brass sextet and timpani

  • Outburst


    Karen Lakey Buckwalter

    Written for 4 to 7 octave handbell choir. Level 5. A delicate, ethereal opening gives way to a forceful, driving melody that travels through various moods and keys as it builds in intensity. The addition of the optional orchestral chimes gives an extra...

  • Psalm 42

    Psalm 42

    Karen Lakey Buckwalter

     Written for 4-6 octave handbell choir.  Level 5

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