• Antiphonal Fanfare

    Antiphonal Fanfare

    Jason Krug

    3 octaves - level 2 - This unique selection opens up the world of antiphonal music to ensembles that don’t have an extra set of bells sitting around. Using just one three-octave set of handbells split between two groups, this powerful fanfare is...

  • "English" Suite - 2 to 3 octaves

    "English" Suite - 2 to 3 octaves

    Michael Helman

    2-3 octave handbell choir, optional 2 octaves of handchimes.  Level 2 to 3-.  Set of three pieces: March (processional); Air (Meditation); Giga (Rejoicing).  This delightful trio of tunes from Michael Helman are great fun to play and...

  • Awakening


    Karen Lakey Buckwalter

    4-6 octave handbel choir, optional cello (part in the score), level 3+.  Original composition by Karen Lakey Buckwalter.  Opening with a beautiful optional cello solo, this flowing original work will bring a prayerful moment of...

  • A River Runs Through - 2-3 octaves

    A River Runs Through - 2-3 octaves

    Sandra Winter

    FOr 2 or 3 octave handbell choir.  Rated level 2+.  Sandra Winter’s original title features a gentle, lyric melody paired with flowing, arpeggiated accompaniment lines. Creative use of the handchimes throughout helps to highlight the...

  • Appassionata


    Michael W. Joy

    3-6 octaves, level 3.  Original composition by Michael W. Joy.  Your musicians will get the chance to focus on their musicality with this beautiful original composition. Alternating between passages both prayerful and haunting, this work is...

  • Sarabande


    Jason Krug

    3-6 octaves - level 4  This original from Jason Krug will challenge your ringers and delight your audiences. Complex interweaving of the various melodies is achieved through liberal use of handchimes. The nostalgic mood of the piece lends...

  • Deck the Halls

    Deck the Halls

    Jason W. Krug

    Arranged for 3 to 5 octave handbell choir with optional D8 and optional jingle bells, slapstick and tambourine. Level 3+.  A jaunty opening figure leads off this arrangement of the well-loved Welsh tune.  After a couple of traditional verses,...

  • Passacaglia


    William H. Griffin

    Transcribed for 5-6 octave handbell choir.  Level 6.  George Friedrich Handel.  Your ringers will set a distinctive mood with this transcription of a piece from the Seventh Suite by Handel. What starts with a simple and delicate theme...

  • Let's All Ring Folk Tunes

    Let's All Ring Folk Tunes

    Barbara Baltzer Kinyon

     Arranged for 2 octave handbell choir.  Level 2-3.  Contains: Yankee doodle; Simple Gifts; Greensleeves

  • Pastorale


    Arnold Sherman

     Arranged for 3-5 octave handbell choir.  Level 3.  Based on the Pastoral Symphony from the Messiah aby George Frederic Handel.

  • When Johnny Comes Marching Home

    When Johnny Comes Marching Home

    Jason Krug

    Arranged for 3-6 octave handbell choir, optional 3 octaves of handchimes and optional snare drum.  Level 3+.  Crisp, malleted rhythms and optional snare drum underscore this energetic setting of the well-known traditional American tune. ...

  • Let's All Ring the Classics

    Let's All Ring the Classics

    Default composer

     2 octave handbell choi.  Level 2-3.  Contains: Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee (Beethoven); Lullaby (Brahms); Minuet (Mozart)

  • Trepak - Russian Dance from "The Nutcracker Suite"

    Trepak - Russian Dance from "The Nutcracker Suite"

    William H. Griffin

    Arranged for 4 to 6 octave handbell choir and optional 2 octaves of handchimes.  Level 4+.  P. I. Tchaikovsky.  For advanced groups looking for a show-stopping holiday number, look no further!  William Griffin's masterful...

  • Valse Brilliante

    Valse Brilliante

    Karen Lakey Buckwalter

    This fun number is a worthy challenge for the advanced handbell choir. Playful rhythms and unexpected harmonies will keep audiences engaged, while frequent key changes, bell changes, and technique changes will keep your ringers on their toes. 4-7...

  • Two Selections from "Oklahoma"

    Two Selections from "Oklahoma"

    Ruby Shaw Hollis

    Includes "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top" and "Oh, What a Beautiful Mornin'" by Richard Rodgers.  Arrangement by Ruby Shaw Hollis - 3-5 octaves, level 2-3 

  • March of the Toy Soldiers

    March of the Toy Soldiers

    Michael R. Clawson

     Arranged for 3-4 octave handbell choir, toy cymbals and optional toy percussion.  Level 3+.  From Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker Suite.   Please note, because of a glitch on the CD recording, March of the Toy Soldiers does not start until...

  • Saranam


    Sondra K. Tucker

    Arranged for 3-6 octave handbell choir and optional 3 - 5 octaves of handchimes.  Simple and touching, Sondra Tucker's arrangement of this Indian folk hymn is a beautiful, lyrical delight.  Flowing eighth notes underscore the tune, which...

  • Legacy


    William A. Payn

    Written for 5 to 7 octave handbell choir with an optional A1, 5 to 7 octaves of handchimes and optional orchestral chimes.  Level 5.  Part of the Virtuoso Series by The Raleigh Ringers.  A harshly dissonant opening yields to a gentler...

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