• del Cinco

    del Cinco

    Brenda E. Austin

    Written for 3 to 6 octave handbell choir and optional 2 octaves of handchimes.  Level 4.  A haunting, lyrical section opens this original tune from Brenda Austin before giving way to an energetic and driving motif which once more returns to the...

  • The Washington Post

    The Washington Post

    Douglas Anderson

    The John Philip Sousa march has been transformed into a piece suitable for any general church or school concert. 4-6 octaves, optional, 2 octaves of handchimes, level 4.  

  • Flower Duet (Dome epais le jasmin (from Lakme)

    Flower Duet (Dome epais le jasmin (from Lakme)

    Sandra Eithun

    Arranged for 3 to 7 octave handbell choir and optional 3 to 7 octaves of handchime.  Level 4+.  Leo Delibes.  From the talented pen of Sandra Eithun comes another fantastic transcription of a well-know piece from classical literature,...

  • Gigue  - Krug

    Gigue - Krug

    Jason W. Krug

    Written for 3-6 octave handbell choir and optional 3-6 octaves of handchimes.  Malleted bass notes underpin a haunting melody in this original composition. Changes between bells, chimes, and various techniques will provide intermediate choirs with a...

  • Katse


    Michael E. Kastner

     Written for 3-6 octave handbell choir.  Level 4+.  A delicate, haunting opening melody line belies the frantic motion coming later in the piece.  With frequent shifts in tempo, rhythm, and mood, this work is not for the faint of...

  • A Lincolnshire Dance Song

    A Lincolnshire Dance Song

    Mitchell Eithun

    Arranged for 4 to 7 octave handbell choir, 4 to 7 octaves of handchimes and optional orchestral chimes.  Level 4.  Newcomer Mitchell Eithun gives us this rousing arrangement of a song by Percy Grainger. Not for the faint of heart, the driving...

  • Legends


    William A. Payn

    5-7 octaves, optional 5-7 octaves of handchimes, level 5.  Part of the Raleigh Ringers Virtuaoo Series. This work from master composer William Payn will stretch your ringers on all fronts, challenging them to bring forth all the musicality the...

  • Tinikling (The Rice Bird Dance)

    Tinikling (The Rice Bird Dance)

    Lonnie J. Dorgan

    4-6 octave handbell choir, level 3.  Based upon the national dance of the Philippines, Tinkiling is a fun piece for groups looking for something different and exciting. The piece accelerates with each new verse, providing a technical and...

  • Walk in the Light

    Walk in the Light

    Karen Lakey Buckwalter

     Written for 4 or 5 octave handbell choir with optional Mark Tree or Wind Chimes.  Level 4

  • Waltz from Serenade for Strings

    Waltz from Serenade for Strings

    William H. Griffin

     Arranged for 5-7 octave handbell choir and 3-4 octaves of handchimes.  Level 5.  From the Serenade for Strings by Peter I. Tchaikovsky.

  • A Walk in the Park

    A Walk in the Park

    Karen Lakey Buckwalter

     Written for 4-5 octave handbell choir. Level 5.  This original composition may sound like a walk in the park, but to play it is anything but! This work will challenge your ringers with chromatic passages, jazzy syncopations, and delicate,...

  • Animato


    Michael Glasgow

    For 3 to 5 octave handbell choir (with an optional D8) and optional 2 octaves of handchimes.  Level 4.  A simple opening accompaniment gives way to a bold, syncopated melody in this Michael Glasgow original. Light and bouncy throughout, the...

  • Canticle


    Matthew Compton

    Written for 3 to 6 octave handbell choir, optional 3 to 6 octaves of handchimes and optional tambourine and hand drum.  Level 3+.  This original work by Matthew Compton is an emotional and accessible choice for concert or worship. A flowing...

  • Danse Macabre

    Danse Macabre

    Michael R. Keller

     Arranged for 3-6 octave handbell choir.  Level 5+.  Camille Saint-Saens.

  • Danse Russe Trepak

    Danse Russe Trepak

    William H. Griffin

    4-6 octaves, level 5.  Arrangement of the Tchaikovsky piece from the Nutcracker Suite

  • Reverberations - 5 to 7 octaves

    Reverberations - 5 to 7 octaves

    Sallie Lloyd

    This award-winning piece by Sallie Lloyd is given new life and enhanced sound in this 5-7 octave revision of the original 4-octave composition!  Driving eighth notes and rich harmonies abound throughout the piece, which has a very classical feel...

  • Sinfonia


    Douglas E. Wagner

    Transcribed for 3 octave handbell choir.  Level 2+.  From the incidental music to Abdelazer by Henry Purcell

  • "English" Suite - 3 to 5 octaves

    "English" Suite - 3 to 5 octaves

    Michael Helman

    3-5 octave handbell choir, optional 3 or 4 octaves of handchimes.  Level 2 to 3.  Set of three pieces: March (processional); Air (Meditation); Giga (Rejoicing).  This delightful trio of tunes from Michael Helman are great fun to play...

  • A Journey Home

    A Journey Home

    Karen Lakey Buckwalter

    3-5 octaves, optional 4-5 octaves of handchimes, level 3.  Suitable for general and memorial services and concerts.

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