• A River Runs Through - 4-7 octaves

    A River Runs Through - 4-7 octaves

    Sandra Winter

    For 4 to 7 octave handbell choir and optional 4 to 7 octaves of handchimes.  Level 3-.  Sandra Winter’s original title features a gentle, lyric melody paired with flowing, arpeggiated accompaniment lines. Creative use of the handchimes...

  • A Time to Dance

    A Time to Dance

    Karen Lakey Buckwalter

    3-5 octaves - level 3+  This original composition by Karen Buckwalter is full of energy, rhythm, and drive. Syncopated rhythms and chromatic harmonies give the piece a modern feel, just perfect for any celebratory service or concert. The overall...

  • Aria


    Sondra K. Tucker

    Written for 5-6 octave handbell choir and 2 octaves of handchimes.  Level 4.  Beautiful and flowing, this original composition will please audiences and challenge ringers to stretch their musicality. Interweaving handbell and handchime lines...

  • August 9th Adagio

    August 9th Adagio

    Chad Etzel

     4-7 octaves, optional 3 octaves of handchimes, level 4.  An arrangement of the Edward Elgar Variation IX from the Enigma Variations.

  • Barcarolle


    Margaret R. Tucker

     Written for 4-5 octave handbell choir.  Level 4.

  • Bell Chorus, The

    Bell Chorus, The

    Douglas E. Wagner

    Gustav Mahler from symphony no. 3, based on the Austrian folk tune "Es sungen drei Engel." Transcribed for 3 octave handbell choir.  Level 3.  

  • Bourree (revised)

    Bourree (revised)

    William H. Griffin

    Arranged for 4 to 7 octave handbell choir with optional A1 and B1.  Level 4.  William Griffin’s masterful transcription of the Bourrée from Bach’s Partita #1 in B Minor for Violin is a challenge not for the faint of...

  • Call of the Bells

    Call of the Bells

    Sandra Winter

    Written for 3-7 octave handbell choir.  Level 3.  Despite calling for no bell changes, Sandra Winter’s original composition is a worthy challenge for the intermediate choir. Featuring a repeating bass line and melodic material, the piece...

  • Cantilene Nocturne

    Cantilene Nocturne

    Matthew Compton

    Written for 5 to 7 octave handbell choir and 5 to 6 octaves of handchimes.  Level 3+.  Lush harmonies underscore this beautiful, prayerful melody by Matthew Compton.  The triplet accompaniment figure gives way to a more delicately scored...

  • Chaconne


    Philip M. Young

     Written for 4 octave handbell choir.  Level 2+

  • Concertante in A Minor

    Concertante in A Minor

    Michael Helman

    Written for 4 to 6 octave handbell choir with optional E2 and F2 and optional 3 octaves of handchimes.  Level 4-.  This Baroque-style masterwork from the pen of Michael Helman is a fantastic opportunity for advanced ensembles to show off...

  • Concerto for Handbells and Organ - full score

    Concerto for Handbells and Organ - full score

    Michael Helman

    Full score for 3-6 octaves and solo organ, level 4-. Bold and striking describe this original composition by Michael Helman. From a majestic beginning replete with dotted rhythms, the piece moves to a flowing section with copious interplay between the...

  • Dance at Dawn

    Dance at Dawn

    Hart Morris

     Written for 3-5 octave handbell choir and percussion.  Level 4+. Companion products (printed copies): Dance at Dawn - percussion parts

  • Dreamscape


    Patricia Hurlbutt

    Written for 3-5 octave handbell choir.  Level 2+.  This haunting original tune is full of intense emotion and is perfect for any ensemble looking to work on their musicality. Flowing eighth note accompaniments underscore the simple melody,...

  • Fantasia - organ and handbell score

    Fantasia - organ and handbell score

    Karen Lakey Buckwalter

    5-7 octaves, organ (or brass quintet), optional 5 octaves of handchimes, level 4+ Companion products printed copies): Fantasia - brass parts Fantasia - handbell part

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