• Reverie


    Karen Lakey Buckwalter

    For 4 to7 octave handbell choir and 4 to 7 octaves of handchimes with optional windchimes.  Level 4+.  Flowing and dreamlike, Karen Lakey Buckwalter's original tune will stretch your ensemble's musicality and endurance.  Ebbing and flowing...

  • Shall We Gather at the River (Krug)

    Shall We Gather at the River (Krug)

    Jason Krug

    3-5 octave handbells, optional 3-5 octaves of handchimes, level 3.  With delicate and unexpected opening harmonies, this arrangement of the hymn HANSON PLACE gives your group an excellent chance to express themselves. The piece voyages through...

  • My Lord What a Mornin' - Atteberry

    My Lord What a Mornin' - Atteberry

    John Atteberry

    3-5 octave handbell choir, optional cello (part in the score), level 2+.  John Atteberry's arrangement of the traditional spiritual.  Delicate textures and open harmonies feature prominently in this introspective arrangement of the well-known...

  • A Call to Heaven

    A Call to Heaven

    Matthew Compton and Jacob Erdman

    Arranged for 3 to 6 octave handbells, 2 octaves of handchimes and optional flute or violin.  Level 3.  Combining the tunes “Just As I Am” and “Will the Circle Be Unbroken?”, this gentle, emotional medley casts both hymns...

  • The Day of Resurrection

    The Day of Resurrection

    Jason W. Krug

    For 3 to 6 octave handbell choir and optional 1 or 2 (3) trumpets in B-flat.  Level 3+. This forceful selection is the perfect way to kick off Easter Sunday! A bold fanfare gives way to the well-known Easter hymn, underscored by moving triplets. A...

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