LUX RENTAL (Chamber Ensemble Version)

Dan Forrest


RENTAL of score and parts for LUX: The Dawn From On High Chamber Ensemble Version. (Vocal Scores sold separately). 

Chamber Ensemble Instrumentation: flute (doubling on piccolo), oboe, horn, violin, cello, and harp (all solo players; parts not identical to orchestral parts), percussion 1, 2 (identical to orchestral parts), and organ. (For small orchestra version rental, click here. For full orchestra version rental, click here.)

Click "Preview" below to see score excerpts.

To rent, please follow these two steps:

1. Fill out this rental request form and email it to (Your rental will not enter the system until this is completed). 
2. Pay for your rental by purchasing below. 

The rentals department at The Music of Dan Forrest will then contact you, confirming your order. 

Rentals ship 7 weeks before your performance date. If you wish to rent the score and parts for longer than the regular rental period, please add extra weeks of rental to your shopping cart here, before checkout.  

For information on direct performance licensing (if needed), click here

Note that a full score of this chamber ensemble version is available for purchase (enabling conductors to preserve their markings for future performances), and the organ part is available for purchase; but the rental (with complete set of parts) is still required for performance. 

For any questions, please contact

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LUX RENTAL (Chamber Ensemble Version)

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