Performance License

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Performance License for LUX (all scorings) or the breath of life. To be purchased, where needed, along with the required rental of score and parts. Details:

  • If your performance is part of a worship service, your performance is exempt from performance licensing requirements- no license is needed.
  • If you are not exempt, but are a member of a Performing Rights Organization (i.e. ASCAP), your performance is already covered by your blanket license; please note your membership number on the rental request form when you fill it out as part of the rental process, and be sure to note the performance(s) on your annual survey from ASCAP- we depend on this in order to capture our portion of ASCAP's licensing revenue. 

If you are not exempt, and are not a member of a Performing Rights Organization (i.e. ASCAP), then you may license your performance(s) directly, here, for a flat rate of $50 per performance. Please set "quantity" to the number of performances planned, and add to the shopping cart along with your rental of score and parts. Please note your purchase of direct performance license(s) in the required place on your rental request form, as well. You will receive a confirmation of your performance license along with your rental confirmation, from The Music of Dan Forrest.

Please contact with any questions. 

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