Thank you for properly licensing various uses of Beckenhorst Press music. Various licenses are available below. 

  • Additional licensing: for live streaming, congregational adaptation, lyric reprinting, international cable/satellite rights, or other licensing questions, please contact Beckenhorst Press.
  • Online Streaming: we do not currently require permission/licensing for posting online audio/video of performances which will be streamed, (i.e. SoundCloud, YouTube posting or embedding, Facebook video, etc.), as long as they are not monetized, and are not made available for download. We simply ask that your video or video description clearly state the Title, Composer/Lyricist, Copyright Date, and "Published by Beckenhorst Press" 
  • The Music of Dan Forrest Publications, distributed by Beckenhorst Press: use the standard Beckenhorst license policies and forms (below). For for direct performance licensing of LUX, please click here. (More information at the main LUX page.)



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