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Licensing is the way composers and publishers are paid for various uses of their copyrighted work, beyond the sale of sheet music. We're grateful for your cooperation, and want to make licensing as simple and clear as possible. Simply use the outline below to find the license request form you need, complete it and send to the email address provided on the form. We will reply promptly.

Would you like to...


Print or re-print...

  • Our lyrics (not music) in your...
    • church’s worship bulletin or slides: use a CCLI license from (which covers most publishers)
    • concert program (not for a worship service): clearly print composer, lyricist, and publisher names; no license required.
    • book, magazine, or other publication: Lyric Reprint License
  • Our music with lyrics translated into another language, for your choir to sing: purchase the full number of digital copies (PDFs) that you will use, from our website; then write your translation into your master copy before duplicating the number of copies paid for; no license required.
  • Our music you've adapted to print in your program for congregation/audience involvement (where we do not already offer a reproducible congregational product): Adaptation License
  • Our music, (or your arrangement of our music, after contacting us for a custom Arrangement License), in your published collection, for print or digital distribution: Print License

Write further arrangements of our music:

  • For small-scale customizations of our music (choral or instrumental parts), i.e. simplifying choral parts for a small men’s section, adding one obbligato instrument to a piece, or creating your own congregational part to be printed in your bulletin: Adaptation License
  • For arranging or revoicing choral parts for an entire piece (not just one section): Choral Arrangement License
  • For creating an instrumental ensemble accompaniment (i.e. string quartet, brass ensemble, orchestra, wind band, etc.) for our music; or an instrumental ensemble version (without choir) of our music: Orchestration License

Use the audio and/or video recording of your performance of our music...

  • In Rehearsal tracks (vocals and/or keyboard) shared only with your own choir, and not monetized in any way: no license required. (Note, this policy differs from many other publishers.) We also recommend ChoralTracks; they have rehearsal tracks already available for many of our most popular pieces. 
  • On a physical CD (audio), whether sold or given away: Mechanical License (note: we handle these directly; we do not use Harry Fox)
  • On a physical DVD (video), whether on-screen (i.e. a video of your performance) or off-screen (i.e. as a soundtrack), whether sold or given away: Synchronization License
  • Online (Internet/Web) (including Virtual Choir performances):
    • On social media (i.e. Facebook, Facebook Live, YouTube/Vimeo (or embeds), SoundCloud (downloads disabled), or other non-monetized streaming): See our Social Media and Live Streaming policy.
    • For downloading (selling downloads on iTunes, Amazon Music, CD Baby, etc; or posting audio of our full pieces on your website for download, not merely streaming, even if free): Mechanical License (includes digital downloads)
    • Monetized Audio or Video Streaming (i.e. Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, etc): this is an evolving field. We plan to set up licensing in the future, once the full ramifications of the Music Modernization Act of 2018 are implemented in the US. If you have a question please contact us; Mechanical or Synchronization licenses may still be required.
  • In a webcast/livestream of...
    • Worship services which include our music: we recommend using a Streaming Add-On License, easily available from either CCLI or (whichever company you already use for licensing in your worship service). These blanket licenses cover most publishers/songs, instead of only one publisher. Please be sure to report your webcasts/livestreams on your regular surveys; this allows us to capture our share of the revenue. (Also see our Social Media and Live Streaming policy)
    • Concerts (not worship services): we recommend reporting your live stream through your ASCAP performance license. If you are not an ASCAP member, you may use our Performance License instead.
  • In Radio or TV broadcasts of a performance (live or pre-recorded): Broadcast License

Perform our music in a concert:

  • Note: worship services and middle school/high school performances are exempt from performance licensing.
  • Note: performance licenses for Dan Forrest’s LUX or the breath of life can be purchased directly from our website.
  • For other concert performances requiring a license, see our Performance License for more details about ASCAP and performance licensing.

Questions? Contact us here.

Master List of our Licenses, for reference:

These policies are subject to revision and change at any time. Please consult actual license request forms (available in links above) for complete details, terms, and conditions of each license.

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