Digital Download Policy

Digital Download Purchase Policy

We are pleased to offer the majority of our catalog as digital downloads PDFs (in addition to printed versions), so you can receive files immediately and avoid shipping costs!

Support the artists! We offer these digital products exclusively here at; accordingly we are able to pay our composers a 30% royalty on these products instead of the industry-standard 10% (!) - so your digital purchase more strongly supports composers!

You must purchase the full number of copies you will use - just like paper copies. We know it's tempting to just buy the minimum order (5 copies), but printing more than you buy is the same as illegally photocopying printed copies. We rely on you honestly purchasing all your copies of print or digital to give our composers the full financial support they deserve, and to continue publishing great music. 

We keep our minimum order low (5 copies), because we know sometimes you only need a few copies to preview, or to supplement a print order. If you're unsure, aim high, or come back and pay for extra copies before printing them. Either way, you're directly supporting the composer!

Digital Choral Music has a 30-day window to download your purchase from the link in your sales receipt email. If you miss this window, please contact us. If you create an account, your purchase history and download links are visible in your account!


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