Beckenhorst Press Updates, 2019

Concert Music Distribution for DF and EH: In addition to distributing The Music of Dan Forrest (which began in 2018), we’re pleased to announce that we’re distributing Elaine Hagenberg Music as of Jan 1, 2019. Both of these composers will continue to publish their church anthems with Beckenhorst, maintaining their strong presence in our catalog; but they both are self-publishing their concert choral works (secular and sacred texts), and distributing through Beckenhorst. Beckenhorst, therefore, will now be the home for all of their work going forward - publisher of their church anthems, and distributor of their new self-published concert works. You will notice the distinctive DF and EH publications' covers alongside regular BP pieces, here on our website. Many of Dan and Elaine's works are equally successful in both concert and church settings, so be sure to consider these products regardless of which type of choirs you work with!

New Covers: We’ve updated the design of Beckenhorst Press octavo covers, starting with our new releases for 2019! We hope you like the updated look, which preserves the strongest elements of our traditional approach but makes our branding stronger, more updated, and more consistent. 

Digital Product Banners: Since there has been some confusion on our website between printed and digital products, we’ve added a “Digital Download” banner across the product image for the digital versions of all our products. This will help clarify which type of product you’re viewing/ordering.

New Licensing Page/Policies: We have completely reviewed and updated our Licensing policies and forms. Our new Licensing page makes it easy to find the correct license; our new License Request Forms make the process even clearer; some previous licenses have been retired or replaced; and a new Social Media and Streaming Policy clarifies our current policies for these areas. (Hint: we encourage sharing non-monetized videos of our music, without a license, as long as you include some key information in your post! Please read the full details).