Social Media and Live Streaming Policy

Beckenhorst Press and The Music of Dan Forrest (distributed by Beckenhorst Press)


YouTube, Vimeo, Social Media:

If you are monetizing your posted video, then a Monetized Video License is required, in order for us to collect a share of the revenue and share it with the composer/arranger/lyricist.

If your posted recording is not monetized, we do not require permission or a license. (This policy differs from many other publishers; but we want to encourage sharing your performances!) We simply require that you list the Title, Composer/Arranger, Lyricist (if living/name printed on front of choral score) and Publisher as clearly as possible – preferably in the title of the video, and also in the description and/or in the video itself – so that others can find the print music.

Some (not all) of our music is registered in YouTube's Content ID system, managed by our album distributor CD Baby. If you post a video of our music and "CD Baby" makes a copyright claim on the monetization for it, there's no need to dispute the claim; this actually routes some of the ad revenue back to us, and we're grateful!

Facebook Live, etc:

Sharing brief excerpts of performances, impromptu sharing of rehearsals, etc., on social media, even if Live, do not require permission or license from us; again, please just clearly list title/composer/publisher of the work so that you’re helping “advertise” the piece with us. If you share/stream a performance of an entire piece, or an entire concert, Live, this falls under Live Streaming; please see the Live Streaming policy below.

(Reminder: these policies are for works published by Beckenhorst Press or The Music of Dan Forrest. Other publishers may require permission/licensing for situations that we have chosen not to.)


Live Streaming/Webcasting worship services:

We recommend the streaming license add-on from or, whichever company you already use for licensing worship music. Either of these will cover the streaming of virtually all of the music in all of your worship services for a year, for a very reasonable price. (This is a much better option than trying to license every piece individually through its publisher.) Please be sure to report your streams/webcasts of our music on your regular surveys, so that we can capture revenue for the composer and publisher.

Live Streaming/Webcasting concerts:

ASCAP has existing agreements with most live-streaming platforms, so these livestreams of our music are covered by your ASCAP blanket performance license, if you have one. (You can also purchase an ASCAP single-event license if desired). Simply report our works that were livestreamed on your survey. If you are not an ASCAP member, use our Performance License.

For K-12 School Livestreams/Webcasts, we recommend the new School License.

Virtual Choirs: 

These are handled like any other performance: if streamed for free, the above policies apply. (If made available for download, or if the stream is monetized in any way, then licenses may required. See details on our main Licensing page under "Online".) Please report your Virtual Choir post as a streamed performance on your regular surveys from CCLI or (for worship service use) or from ASCAP (for concert use).  

Lyric Videos: 

If you wish to play an official lyric video from Beckenhorst or The Music of Dan Forrest as part of a public concert or service, please contact us for current details on licensing. Some of our videos are available for purchase- check the main choral product page for a link to a video.

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