LUX - Score/Parts Rental

Dan Forrest
$350.00 - $450.00


Rental Score/Parts for LUX: The Dawn From On High (published by Music of Dan Forrest; distribution and rentals through Beckenhorst Press) available in three different scorings: Choose (above) Full Orchestra, Small Orchestra, or Chamber Ensemble.

Use the "View PDF Preview" button above to see detailed instrumentation and score excerpts for all three versions. Additional details on LUX available at the main LUX Choral Score page. 

The LUX Full Orchestra Score, LUX Small Orchestra Score, LUX Chamber Ensemble Score, and LUX Organ Part are also available for permanent purchase (to preserve markings for future use); but rental is always still required to receive parts for performances.

Rental Terms: 

  • Performance Licensing: if not exempt (religious service or high school) and not already licensed through ASCAP (or other PRO), a direct performance license ($50/performance) must be added to your order above.
  • Kindly take good care of the score and parts. Mark only as needed, in pencil. 
  • Permission is granted to duplicate string parts as needed for sections larger than the numbers shipped. These duplicated parts should be discarded after performance, not returned with the rental.
  • We do not charge extra rental fees for multiple performances within approximately one week. Please contact us with any questions.
  • Within two weeks of your performance, please erase any stray marks in all scores and original parts (you may leave helpful, neat string bowings) and return via UPS or other trackable mail service to The Music of Dan Forrest Rentals, 960 Old Henderson Rd, Columbus, OH 43220
  • Rentals not received within 3 weeks of your performance will be charged $50 per week, up to one full rental cost. Lost items will be charged current full purchase price for score or organ parts, or $20 each for other parts, up to one full rental cost.
  • Canceled rentals may be refunded minus a 25% cancellation fee and all shipping/handling fees, and must be returned immediately.

Questions: for rental questions before your order, please use the Beckenhorst contact form. For notes or questions to be included with your order, use the Comment/Question box above.

International Rentals: Please contact Beckenhorst for information on delivery options including digital delivery (available for international orders only).

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LUX - Score/Parts Rental

$350.00 - $450.00

LUX - Score/Parts Rental

$350.00 - $450.00
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