Looking Ahead to Beckenhorst's Future

4th Oct 2022

Looking Ahead to Beckenhorst's Future

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Beckenhorst has been preparing for its transition into future leadership for many years, and in this 50th anniversary year is pleased to announce the following staffing changes, effective October 1: 

Jeff Hamm will retire from his president position. Across the choral industry Jeff is known for his gentle spirit and long-time role in publishing sheet music. As president of Beckenhorst, Jeff has guided the company with a steady and careful hand, which has served its staff and composers through many prosperous years of growth as well as through the difficult pandemic years. Jeff looks forward to well-deserved rest and still helping Beckenhorst a bit, as well as accompanying local musical theater productions in Columbus, traveling, and visiting family more. His legacy of wise leadership leaves Beckenhorst in an excellent position, primed for future success. 

Craig Courtney will adjust his Beckenhorst work to a part-time role, providing a second voice in the editorial process and continuing his work in producing Beckenhorst’s recordings. Starting in 1987, Craig single-handedly drove the musical quality that made Beckenhorst what it is today, through his discerning editorial eye and active role, following John Ness Beck's precedent of making each published piece the best it can be. Church choral music in America simply would not be what it is today, without Craig’s involvement for the last 35 years. His legacy will live for decades to come (and will be supported and curated by Beckenhorst Press).
Craig will now begin a new role for the John Ness Beck Foundation, leading weekend choral events provided at low cost (significantly underwritten by the Foundation) and aimed at strengthening choral singers and choral conductors across the US and around the world, through meaningful choral musical experiences. (Details forthcoming!) 

Philip Eoute (pronounced “Yoot”), will assume the role of President and General Manager. Philip has helped Beckenhorst as a freelance consultant for many years and understands its workings and values, logistically, technologically, musically, and financially. Philip brings a keen mind and steady demeanor to his Beckenhorst work, along with exceptional gifts on numerous fronts that make Beckenhorst poised for significant future growth and success. 

Dan Forrest will serve as Vice President of Publications and Senior Editor. Dan was “discovered” by Craig Courtney in the early 2000s, began apprenticing under Craig at his invitation in 2012, and has now been co-editing with Craig for many years, in anticipation of this point in time. Dan brings a unique combination of academic training, compositional skill, church and concert music experience, pedagogical and administrative experience, and ministerial and relational viewpoints to his role as editor and is widely acclaimed for his work in the choral field as composer, accompanist, editor, educator, mentor, and advocate. 

Beckenhorst continues to expand its reach through its exemplary composer-first policies (paying higher royalties than industry standard), its personal and attentive customer service, and continued presence in other genres including vocal, organ, instrumental, and handbell music. In its primary field of choral music, Beckenhorst has recently expanded its offerings through the publication of the Concert Series (edited by Dan Forrest and Jamie Hillman) and the exclusive distribution of two other publishers, The Music of Dan Forrest (Dan's concert music publications) and Indianapolis Children's Choir Publications (children's and youth choir publications).

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