We strive to be a "composers first" publisher! We welcome submissions from all composers, including sacred/church anthems and secular/school/community/collegiate choral works. We are also actively seeking to partner with underrepresented voices in the choral field, particularly people of color and women, as we expand our catalog.

  • Familiarize yourself with our catalog (particularly our current New Issues, and our Best-Sellers) to see what we are publishing and selling most successfully. We do have particular market niches we primarily fill, but we also like to continue broadening our styles, in ways that still represent artistic excellence.
  • Submit only 1-2 pieces, representing your best work, not submitted to other publisher concurrently. We publish an extremely limited number of pieces each year, that we believe can "rise to the top" of the crowded sheet music market.
  • Recordings are not required. We review as professional musicians imagining the best possible rendition of your piece from your score. Only send a recording if it represents the piece better than our ears could imagine; anything less detracts from your submission rather than helping it. 
  • We review all submissions carefully; depending on where we are in our twice-yearly production schedule (new releases are finalized and produced each Jan-Feb and July-Aug), we may reply within a week, or it may sometimes take a 8-12 weeks for the review process. Thank you for your patience. 
  • We believe all composers benefit from a trusted editor's feedback. Since our founding, we have worked intensively with composers to make each piece the very best version of itself that it can be - achieving its maximum potential while preserving the integrity of the composer's artistic voice. Our BP composers, as well as our industry partners, regularly bear witness to the value and success of our approach. 

Note: Choral works or educational materials suitable for young choirs (K-12) may be submitted to Indianapolis Children's Choir Publishing House (sold exclusively by Beckenhorst Press) by emailing Leeann Starkey.

Choral submissions are no longer accepted by mail.

Email submissions to submissions[at], or use the form below. 

Handbell Compositions/Arrangements may be mailed to:
William Griffin
2071 Imperial Circle
Naples, Florida 34110

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