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Terang Rehearsal Tracks for 1-50 singers - digital download

Tracy Wong


Includes full access for 1-50 singers. If your choir has 51-100 singers, please order "2" in the quantity.

In this package, you will receive part-dominant tracks as well as the full mixed tracks. All the soprano and alto parts are sung by the composer, Tracy Wong, who is an expert in the language and style.

These tracks may be shared with your choir only. Please share them privately with your singers, via email or a private file-sharing link; do not post online in a place that others can publicly find.

Choral Score: Terang - digital download

From Tracy Wong:

Because of the cultural content of my music, I manage all aspects of the recording and production of learning tracks of my music, and I am delighted to have the ICC Publishing House and Beckenhorst Press be the distributor of these learning tracks. I take pride in doing my best to make sure that these are representative of me and are “ethically-sourced”. This means that the audio recordings and learning tracks for my own music would be edited and/or recorded by choral musicians who speak the language(s) I set music to, and have the lived experience of the culture which I do my best to honour through my music. These musicians are paid for their time, experience, skill, and artistry. I also commit 10% of income earned from my choral works, learning resources, and workshops on Malaysian-themed choral/vocal/composition/music towards funding Malaysian artists and music educators I collaborate with on current and future artistic & educational initiatives.

All purchases will have a packet of audio tracks (the various part-dominant tracks, full mixed track, pronunciation guide).

About the tracks:

  • These rehearsal tracks are recordings of my own voice, singing all vocal parts. I have designed them for the benefit of distant / isolated singing in your personal spaces, and to encourage independent learning. These audio tracks work best with earphones / headphones on.
  • These tracks would provide the pronunciation, style, and tone that is appropriate for the performance of this piece.
  • The tracks are professionally mixed so singers are ensured high quality audio recordings to support their learning!

Important licensing & purchasing terms: The purchase of this resource allows your choral organization to distribute it to your singers and staff for their own learning at any time, but not to be duplicated, edited in any way, and/or shared beyond the organization.

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Terang Rehearsal Tracks for 1-50 singers - digital download

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